a picture of the author of All lost found and stolenInspired by the plight of all the lost and homeless animals in our community, many of which never make it back home simply because their owners didn’t find them in time to beat the pound system.
The sheer amount of websites, facebook pages & avenues you have to search to find your lost item, compounded by the fact that each of those avenues seem to have a limited coverage area; step outside that area, and you need to start your search again! All taking you that little bit further away because nothing quite does the job properly.
Facebook pages have a constantly changing and disappearing timeline, with no index system to easily find a post, miss it and you may never see it again. The endlesss trail of stolen property reports that don’t ever really surface for public reference and remain a police aid for the most part.
What if there was one place, one website, Australia wide that recorded all lost, found and stolen property that everyone had access to at any time of day or night? What if we all thought the same way and just used this one site?
The site is here, all we have to do now is spread the word and the magic will happen. Please help support this much needed community service.